Translation Services – A True Story

translation services a true story imageIf you’re reading this you’ve clearly come to our ‘blog’ section so I’d like to thank you for taking an interest in what we, at Happy Content Co., have to say. Furthermore, if you’re interested in a translation service then I urge you to read on. This blog will help you decide whether we are the right ‘translation’ company for you.

Several years ago, Rich and I collaborated on a TV pilot; Rich was chief camera guy and I was co-presenter. Long story short, the production was an energetic TV show that potentially had global appeal. There had already been interest from ITV so we were looking further afield i.e. Japan – they love the crazy stuff!

So, we had to pitch. Creator and producer, Jem Bagley drafted a proposal to several large Japanese TV stations which, Rich and I innovatively executed, was more likely to be championed should we present said proposal in their native language. However, rather than use a professional translation service, we decided to opt for an online (but highly recommended), translation website. Within a week the letter had been translated, posted and was en-route to Japan.

A month or so later, Rich and I were messaging each other via a well-known internet chat service and somehow (truly no recollection of the how!) begun sending messages in foreign languages for the other to translate, using the aforementioned translation service.

Silence prevailed.

The translation was not as it seemed.

There was mention of a ‘goat’ and a ‘mountain’. This was very bizarre.

More silence.

Neither of us typed.

I’m pretty sure neither of us were breathing.


We never heard from the Japanese production company. But we did read our previous translation. The first line introduced Jem Bagley as ‘God of Love’.

We didn’t read on.

So feel free to contact Happy Content Co. for a quote on your translation requirements. Always happy to help.


Or… contact someone who knows what they’re doing.

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