A Great Example Of UnMarketing With Ryan Reynolds

unmarketing with ryan reynoldsIn a video you may well have seen over the course of the past month, I felt I had to share it with you, as to me it is the absolute epitome of an example of ‘un-marketing’ at its finest.

Everyone needs to create video content, everyone needs to market themselves/their business/their products and services, especially online. But not everyone does it well, and/or successfully.

Obviously someone like Ryan Reynolds has such a presence in the world that whatever he may promote online would likely get a lot of views, because, quite frankly, it’s Ryan Reynolds [insert man-crush here]. However this one has gone viral more-so because it makes you just want to share it with others!

In typical Reynolds style with his dry wit and characteristic ‘sending up’ to levels of near-spoofery, he takes a mocking swing at traditional marketing that’s seen so often in commercials such as this, and gives it his own unique style. It’s funny, informative, and still beautifully shot & constructed just as other regular adverts are.

Would you be as likely to share someone’s regular, formal, serious marketing video, Ryan Reynolds aside?

Possibly not.

This one however has clearly been successful as it’s been designed for shareability, having been executed exquisitely, with nearly 1.5million views in under a month (at the time of writing).

Now, who’s for gin?


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