About Us

Happy Content Co. was born out of the combined skill sets of two people who also happen to be best buddies. Sam and Rich have known each other for 12+ years, & having formed a close bond, have found themselves collaborating on their individual projects, acting as sounding boards for each other on numerous occasions.

It started back in 2005 when Rich was working in video production, and received an enquiry from Sam to edit her acting showreel. Rich met with Sam to retrieve the source material to work from (something which with any other person would be a 10 minute thing) and it ended up as a 7 hour meeting! The rest is history…

Over the years, Sam and Rich have collaborated with voiceovers, website design, script testing, acting rehearsals & read-throughs,(Rich has begrudgingly played a number of characters from Sam’s sister to cake shop owner), headshot photography, baking absurd amounts of cupcakes, making straw wedding favours for friends (don’t ask…), and Rich arranging Sam’s homemade pants for a vintage clothing sale (again, don’t ask…).

In more recent years, Sam and Rich have been the ‘go-to’s’ amongst friends, family and acquaintances for everything from copywriting, proofreading, copy editing, to graphic design for flyers, documents and social media imagery, videos & voiceovers.

So this is where the magic happened! We decided to combine all of the skill sets we had accumulated over numerous years and form Happy Content Co. And given that we don’t annoy each other too much, it’s a win-win, right?

As all businesses in the 21st century need to generate regular content as part of their overall marketing strategy, and with the knowledge, skills and experience that we have developed over many years of undertaking all of these elements individually, we are now able to incorporate this into one neat package. In the current content-rich world we live in, we are ready to assist other businesses in promoting themselves more effectively.