copywriting for business

Copywriting involves the use of written text for marketing and advertising purposes.

Just like painting rooms in your house, anyone can pick up a paintbrush and splash the paint around, but sometimes it’s better to get someone in that can do a really neat job, ensure even coverage, and make every edge as straight as an arrow.

The same goes for copywriting. Everyone has the general ability to write for blogs, website copy, flyers, advertising campaigns, and anything else in between. But in truth, it’s often better to engage a copywriter who has the skills and experience to recognise nuance and ensure the content is engaging for both humans and search engines alike. It is also important to create an element of ‘storytelling’, which enables the reader a smooth and uninterrupted read. As a business owner, you want your outward message to be as professional looking as possible in order to get the best return on investment.

You may well be a highly proficient writer, but ask yourself the following:

Firstly, do I have the time? Do I have the time to dedicate to written content? This is something we encounter frequently; many of our clients are great at what they do, but simply don’t have the time available to create and publish on a regular basis.

Secondly, am I producing quality content that will be recognised by search engines? It may be that you’re writing interesting, captivating content, but lack key elements that will help your content be found. It is very common to find wonderfully written blogs that have been let down by inadequate, poor titles, that haven’t been optimised for search engines. For example, a popular restaurant writes a blog about their latest exciting menu and succulent specials board. Both time and effort has gone into the blog in terms of structure, readability & shareability. However, their post title of “Exciting news, you don’t want to miss this!” massively lets them down.
For one, the title doesn’t contain any information as to what the actual post contains; there are no vital keywords or phrases to suggest there’s a new menu or exciting new specials. And, perhaps more importantly – you need to make the post sound exciting organically, not simply & blatantly state that it is! Like a newspaper headline, you need to capture people’s attention in one short sentence and entice them to click-through, whilst at the same time maximising search engine benefits with minimal wording. This is no easy feat!

In this technological age with cyber communication being at the fore, your content needs to stand out above all else. Furthermore, it needs to continue to stand out in order to stay relevant and remain an industry pacesetter. At this stage, you’re probably thinking “this is all well and good, but what should I use a copywriter for?”.

The answer is simple.

At Happy Content Co., we can create:
Social Media Content (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn posts)
LinkedIn profiles
Newsletters & mailshots
Website copywriting & evaluations
Press releases
Speech writing
PowerPoint title slides
How-to guides
CVs & applications
& more.

Copy Editing

Copy editing is a great service for those that have a deep understanding of their industry, can wax lyrical with their content but who may lack structure, formatting and/or require assistance for grammar & general polishing – i.e. rearranging of words, sentences and/or paragraphs, word suggestions, shortening or lengthening of sentences and general tips for improvement. Essentially, you present the content to us, and we’ll analyse, correct and advise accordingly without affecting your overall narrative. In other words, we’ll simply neaten it up.


Proofreading is ideal for those who have completed their copy, and simply seek professional reassurance. We’ll analyse and highlight any errors for you to review and adjust..

So what can we do for you? We can take the stress out of ‘copywriting’! We can ensure that your copy is of optimum quality prior to publication. We can adapt our skills to meet your individual requirements, i.e. if you want light humour, we can provide it, if you want a formal approach, we can provide it. We can also match your ‘house style’, whatever that may be.

If you’d like to talk to us about any of our copywriting services, drop us a line and we’ll discuss your requirements.