About Sam

sam headshotSam has always been one to follow her dreams and passions over and above anything else. To say that she has had a somewhat diverse working history would be undestatement of the year! After graduating from drama school in 1999, with dreams of becoming an actress, she spent the next few years appearing on stage, in film and television and in VO. Much of the ‘resting actress’ time involved a number of jobs varying from chief potwasher in a friend’s restaurant to welcoming members of the US senate to the UK (and a whole lot in between!).

More recently, Sam graduated with a BSc in Psychology – a long term, niggling desire, and is currently completing an MSc in Crime and Terrorism. This was mainly inspired by a deep rooted interest in the criminal mind; when her friends were reading ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’, Sam was reading ‘Profiling a Serial Killer’!

Throughout this eclectic mix of employment, there is one thread that has remained, and that is writing. Sam has written childrens stories, screenplays, theatre scripts and fictional works. With a terrible habit of correcting poor grammar, it is of little surprise that she became the ‘go-to’ for friends and family when proofreading or copy was required in the form of wedding speeches, complaint letters (she writes a mean one) and blogs to name but a few. Therefore, it seemed entirely organic when the idea of a writing business came about which has now evolved into ‘Happy Content Co’.

Sam is a lover of words and likes writing about anything and everything, regardless of industry type. However, given her degree, particular areas of expertise include ‘riskfactors that lead to radicalisation and extremism’, ‘the involvement of education in recognising and preventing radicalisation’ and ‘cyber recruitment amongst extremists’. Sam has written lengthy dissertations on all subjects for which she received a distinction.

Sam currently acts as content consultant for Jangeer Kayani of Star Consultancy & Training whose company is involved in safeguarding against radicalisation and extremism.

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