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Videos are a great way of delivering content in an easily absorbable format, that when done well, engages viewers far more than text alone. They’re proven to increase e-mailshot clickthrough rates, website traffic, and awareness.

While written content is essential for you to explain the benefits of your products or services , there are some stats that suggest only 20% of website visitors will read your site’s content all the way through, whereas 80% will watch a video from start to finish. So there’s a chance a lot of your content isn’t being looked at at all.

The 4 most common types of video are: general promos, explainers, product demos and how-to’s, & testimonials. There are no restrictions on the frequency or amount of these you use, especially if you consider that visual links to video from email marketing campaigns have seen an increase in click-through rate by as much as 200-300%. Plus, you can never have too much content these days! These are all things that can be published through your website, blog, and social media channels on a regular basis.

So let’s take a look at each of the above in a bit more detail.

General Promos

These videos are designed to be a general advert for your business in a nice easily digestible format, perfect for sharing on your blog, & through your social media channels. They also serve to keep your audience captivated.


If your business has a product or service, that, when demonstrated, makes things easier for a potential client to understand, you can break down a complex process or idea into an easy to grasp video. Something like this can be translated into maybe a 1min video which would otherwise require several paragraphs in text. Explainer videos are some of the most searched for things on YouTube.

Product Demos & How-To’s

Similar to explainers, product demos and ‘how to’ videos are also often searched for online, as it makes life easier for your audience to understand what your company offer. Whether you’re searching for things you’d like to buy online, you’ll often see these sorts of videos on the product page, showing off all the features and benefits, encouraging you to buy. Or maybe as part of your offering, you’d like to put out some information that could be helpful to people generally. This puts you and your company in a good light, and could make people want to take the next step and put work your way. Think of it as a kind of ‘freemium’ model – you put out a certain amount of information that will, on its own, potentially help a lot of people – but then you retain the ‘good stuff’ which is only available to people once they’re a paying client.

Video testimonials

Testimonials are a powerful source for selling your product or service. It offers a potential customer an insight into the quality of your work. A video based testimonial enables your audience to witness an open, honest and personal experience from a previous customer, without the fear of ‘biased enhancement’. Furthermore, it allows a customer to wax lyrical about your services from an unfiltered standpoint which gives an extra level of authenticity. And it makes sense to enable your customers the platform to talk freely about their experience, without restricting them to a few brief sentences.

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