Social Media Marketing

Social media is the new opiate of the masses, so there really is nowhere better to demonstrate your skill-set than across the various platforms. Social media is a dynamic tool that allows you to build your profile, and create a following. We can work with you to create the ideal customised content for each platform and to really enhance your overall social media …


Twee as it sounds, content really is king. Blogs allow you to be slightly more extravagant with your content due to the lack of character restrictions which are commonplace on many social media platforms.  Publishing regular blogs on your website has numerous SEO benefits, and definitely helps with your overall rankings. They’re a perfect platform to talk about your business. 

Social Videos

Happy Content Co. can create videos for you using royalty-free stock footage, animation, photos, music & titles to create high impact productions, perfect for use on your website, social media and beyond. Social share videos are becoming massively popular; and with Happy Content Co, we can create great looking, cost effective video content for you month after month.

Graphic Design

For all published content, it’s important for it to be eye-catching to help draw people in, to ensure they read what you’ve lovingly produced! The same goes for social media content; posts that contain images have much higher engagement rates.  For blog & social media images, YouTube artwork, flyers, & most things in between, Happy Content Co. has you covered.